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A large part of Arcop’s work is now done with computer-aided technology using CADD systems, desk-top publishing, word processing etc. for the preparation of 2D and 3D presentations and working drawings, specifications, scheduling and cost control.

Arcop brings additional skills in Interior Design, and offers specialized services in the areas of feasibility studies, architectural programming, project planning, and urban design.

The Directors and Senior Associates, who have had professional experience in Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, have retained a close contact with various architectural schools. The Directors and Senior Associates are professionally registered with the Council of Architecture, India, which is the governing body for professional practice of architecture in India.

The Company presently has a staff of approx. 56 professional Architects, Urban Designers and Technicians. It has remained the intention of Arcop not to employ a variety of specialist planners and engineers but to co-ordinate a special project team of independent consultants with the special skills required for the project in hand.

Arcop is presently engaged in many buildings and planning projects in India, Kenya Madagascar, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Dushanbe, and China.

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